Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Shower: Popcorn Buffet

Try something different...opt for a popcorn buffet for a baby shower (or any event)!  I always knew that I wanted to use the "about to pop" idea for my baby shower. And I love popcorn, so creating a popcorn buffet worked out perfectly for my shower.  If you enjoy eating all types of popcorn, this is the buffet for you!  I find the popcorn buffet to be an economical alternative to a candy buffet. You can offer up  a plethora of flavors to please all palettes, sweet, salty, spicy, savory, you name it!  Here's what I offered, and how I added Flair  to the display.  

 Popcorn Garland
Popcorn ball "Pops" with baby bottle toppers. (I love to use these toppers)
 Popcorn Ball topiary. At the end of the night, these were no where to be found!!
 Popcorn boxes filled with butter popcorn
Guests  had the option of adding butter, ranch, or nacho cheese flavorings to freshly popped plain popcorn 

  Various flavors of popcorn were offered  including Asiago & Cracked Pepper, Caramel & Chocolate, White Cheddar, Peanut Butter, Chipotle & Lime.

 You dont' have to limit yourself to candy and deserts for a sweet ending. Popcorn can be sweet as well!


Nancy said...

This is fabulous!!!! I'd love to feature on my blog. Send me photos at if you are interested!!! Nancy

Catherine Holt said...

How adorable is this...such a great alternative to the traditional dessert bar. Just as cute...but heaps better for the An "About to pop" is a perfect theme for a baby it :-)