Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Shower: Building our Family Block by Block

Happy New Year All...(as I blow a bit of dust off of my blog)!! I'm looking forward to what 2013 has in store for The Flair Factor, that I'll share with you on Fete Fanatic. Between the baby and business..I should have lots to share! In fact, just the other day I received an inquiry about my baby shower and realized that I never shared photos on my blog! First off, let me send a big THANK YOU to Chris over at Celebrations at Home and Baby Lifestyles for featuring my shower! Please enjoy the details and photos below!
The theme.. “Building our family one Block at a time". A celebration starts with the invitation, so I chose a modern style that gave my guests a peek at what to expect. Christine of The Olive Branch Papery executed my vision for the stationery perfectly!

Decor started at my front door with over sized building blocks which flanked the entrance of the porch, and a handcrafted ruffled wreath on the front door.

Typically a family member or girlfriend plans a baby shower to honor the mother to be. My shower was planned by my family and friends, but I just couldn't resist adding my styling expertise! :-)  I customized unpainted building blocks with paint in the color scheme of pink & aqua (I love shades of aqua!). Expecting a baby girl doubled the fun when styling the shower. I absolutely love feminine touches, and knew that I had to incorporate girly elements. Along with building blocks and teddy bears, ruffles and rosettes were my style trend of choice.
Guests were welcomed with a pink grapefruit or berry lemonade spritzer with tiny pacifiers adorning the drinking straws.
Tables were dressed in fitted white ruffled table toppers which I designed to accentuated the aqua linens. The centerpieces were hand painted building blocks with teddy bears dressed up in little pink skirts, a rosette bow, and a signature logo tee which matched our stationery.

  Ruffles and rosettes were incorporated into just about everything.. the cake, signage, table linens, guest of honors chair sashes, custom pillow (for my back)…Everywhere I could put them!!
Signage included handmade “baby girl” banner created with ribbon, painted wooden letters, and  fabric rosettes

Prizes for the shower games were wrapped in the colors of the shower and doubled as decor on the fireplace mantle.
Guests went home with personalized teddy bear favors and lots of popcorn!”
Popcorn Display will be featured in a post to follow!
Can you pick me out? :-)


Tish said...

Everything looked fabulous Natasha! Those linens were gorgeous!

Sandra Lee said...

Gorgeous and totally girly!

Stacey @InTouchEvents said...

Love it! Great details!

Enchanted Expectations said...

Love the Shower!!!! Congrats

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Where did you find those oversized building blocks??

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the blocks you used for your centerpieces?

Unknown said...

Where did you get the different size blocks from taht you used for your centerpieces?

Unknown said...

Great party! Where did you get the building blocks that you used for your centerpieces?