Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fêtes & Fashion: Animal Prints

I love me some animal prints! Will they ever go out of style? I think not.. You can find almost anything in animal prints from clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, luggage,chairs, sofas, cushions, sheets, frames...phew,I'm out of breath...candles, balloons, napkins, plates, cups, YOU NAME IT! The sky's the limit when putting together a fashionable fête using animal prints. Need I say.. I own a few pieces myself? :-)I'm into the accessories.. leopard print shoes, scarves & headbands. I think I own a zebra print scarf too. I only do touches of it, I'm not there yet,to pull off an entire dress, but I'm sure some of you can rock the hell out of an animal print! Which prints do you have in your closet??


Two of which I own..

Tastefully done


Ok wait.. leopard overload!





image by way of Tip Junkie, creative prehistoric party by Brooke of Jackaroo Love

Modern Safari Party

Chris from Celebrations at Home put a modern spin on the classic zebra print!


Sandi said...

I'm like you - just a scarf so far. :)
I saw a woman buying the cutest zebra stools at Home Goods today!
I really love the different colored animal prints, like the pink one in the last party that Chris threw. Too cute.