Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hit or Miss: Peplum Dress

A Peplum is a small over-skirt or ruffle that attaches to the waistline of a dress. I remember when I was a little girl my aunt who's a seamstress loved her some peplum dresses. Now they are back in full swing this season! But..Ummm.. I'm not to sure how well this trend sits with me. But it's certainly popping up all over the place recently. It's even translated into bridal gowns. I think it's actually super cute on the models. For me, it's just one of those style that I would need to actually see it on before I approve or condemn it. But I think I may have to just pass on this one. Take a look. What do you think, is this a hit or miss?


Rihanna in a Monique L’hullier Peplem Dress

Image from Fashion Rules
Melissa Sweet

Elizabeth Fillmore

Images from Brides


Anonymous said...

Here's my thing, because I've seen these in the wedding mags...while I'm thin enough to wear something that shows off my waist, I'm gonna show off my waist.

I don't want to "create" a waist with a peplum. I don't mind the one of Rihanna because it's form fitting.

Tameka said...

Miss! Not a Hit! The style on Rhinna looks good because it's not too puffy.

Real Housewives of Fashion said...

they have grown on me lately.. especially the thought it will mask my little tummy ...

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K.D.@HairGurl said...

I LOVE Peplum dresses. I think they really accentuate the waist. I have a pink one but I haven't worn it yet.