Tuesday, December 1, 2009

After Giving Thanks "Remix" Party

So we've stuffed ourselves with turkey and cranberry sauce til we couldn't eat anymore. But no Turkey Day left overs in our house! As planned, we followed through with our Remix dinner. After Thanksgiving, a few friends came over for a festive (left over) dinner party. I know.... left overs doesn't sound so appetizing so I "remixed" it with fresh ingredients, and created a festive atmosphere. I'm telling you, with candle light and shimmering decor,left over food was the last thing on our guests minds. ;-) We kept a fall theme going with "remixed" maple leaves, nuts,and gourds. In lieu of the up coming holidays, I added a bit of sparkle by using a gold and silver palette. Check out our decor. And let me just mention, for the most part with the exception of the serveware,candles, and spray paint, it was FREE, found in my backyard! Take a look...
Candles floating in water sprinkled with shredded gold leaves

Golden "remixed" nuts and leaves

Remember my window sill fall decor? Here it is "Remixed"... Gourds


Ms. Jasmine said...

Oh so very lovely!