Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Purple Trail

Start planning your next celebration the Purple Trail way. Purple Trail provides free online invitations and management, announcements, and ecards. And guess what, there are no ads in your invites! Browse their invitation design gallery for a variety of stylish designs, or create one of your own in the design center. There are so many fun designs to choose from, I found one for every event I’m thinking of planning! I love that they offer animated invites. Choose from a variety of plans and subscriptions to help you to manage your invitation designs, delivery, reminders, and RSVP responses all on line. You’ll even be able to send out invites over SMS. Need inspiration for your party? Check out their party ideas for a jump start. I definitely took note of quite a few party tips I found on the site. I’m planning on hosting a small open house, and I went directly to the housewarming party article, pretty informative. From suggestions on how to conduct home tours to décor and food. This will now be my go to tool when planning my parties! I’ve gotten great tips and was inspired by tons of party themes, decor, favors, DIY projects, printable shower games and so much more! Check it out for yourselves…click here.