Monday, July 27, 2009

Cool Bowls!

For an easy way to add Flair to your summertime buffet table,
add an ice bowl! Keep drinks, fresh fruits, or seafood cool in the summertime heat. Look how cool your food and beverages will be...

Put your fruit on ice

Pic courtesy of Tropic Ice Unlimited

Keep your cocktail shrimp cool

Pic courtesy of The Flirty Guide

Ice is Nice

A simple way to impress your guests is to recreate any of these looks the DIY way!
I found simple directions on the Celebrations site.

Find 2 nesting bowls, or a large and small bowl with a similar shape, and fill the larger bowl halfway with water.

Place the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl and weight it down a bit with a clean rock; you want the bowl to float and have about an inch of water on the bottom.

Add flowers or leavers in between the bowls, wedging them down into a nice arrangement.

Use tape across the top of both bowls to keep the smaller one centered and freeze until solid.

Unmold and place on a broiler pan that is completely covered with leaves. The pan will catch the water as it melts. Tip: check on the water level throughout the party and use a baster to remove water if necessary.
Check out Celebrations for more summertime party ideas and tips.

And take a look at one of my girlfriends' very own DIY champagne or wine ice bucket!

Cool huh? It turned out great, I was impressed!!


The Blushing Hostess said...

Yes, beautiful. Though one should be very careful, I have seen these go *horribly* wrong when not correctly placed on a surface...

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I love doing these for shrimp cocktail. They always make a nice impression. I usually set mine on a bed of ice to help keep it something with a lip to hold the melting ice. I've never had any mishaps.
Your friends turned out beautiful!

Ingrid said...

Love the way your friend did hers. Very nice!