Sunday, December 7, 2008

Balloons or Paper Lanterns?

I love the look of paper lanterns! They can be just as festive as balloons, I think of it as the sleek grown up balloon. Balloons are cute, fun and makes your decor festive. They come in a huge variety of colors and shapes. You can find balloons to comliment almost any theme or decor for your party. And they can be cheap! Depending on the occasion, either one will be a great decor choice. I'm thinking of using paper lanterns for an up coming bridal shower. But I'm still tossed up between balloons(being the economical choice) or paper lanterns the "sleek balloon." Check out some of the great photo inspiration I found.

I love the paper lanterns with lit with LED lights.

paper lanterns can be pretty fabulous!!

You can do pretty amazing things with balloons huh...

photo credits
Paper Lanterns 1-3
4th Lantern photo
1-2 Balloon photo
23-4 Balloon photo


sonya said...

I love your blog! Very pretty :)