Friday, December 19, 2008

Affordable Holiday Decor

This morning on GMA, Lifestyle expert and event planner David Monn demostrated how to achieve gorgeous inexpensive holiday buffet tables. He also gave a few tips on setting the mood.
From GMA
"To set the stage you need to engage the senses. The most important is your sense of smell. Find one nice holiday fragrance or add mulling spices to your stove and let the smell entice the guests as they arrive.

Play great music, dim the lights and let the party start.

Keep it simple. Choose one main color and one accent color and stick with them."

I was quite impressed with his ingenuity. The first buffet was a Wintergreen dinner buffet made from layered white burlap lattice work pattern over a green felt table cloth.

He made 12 24x24 burlap Napkins to match by simply pulling the threads from all corners to create a cut work design. The napkin edges were fringed about 1 3/4". To create the inside border, a ruler was used to measure 1 1/2" from the edge and pulled one inch worth of threads.

The next buffet set up was a Winter Wonderland Dessert Buffet
The table cloth is quilt batting with two white strand of Christmas lights under it. This is an old cut up birch log we used as the food levels. If you don't have a log you can also cover cardboard boxes. White boas from the dollar store and fake snow from Kmart complete the look.

Vist David Monn's website and blog to see his beautiful work and inspiring ideas.