Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 Cents Tuesday:

Do you have any design dilemma's, customer quandaries, catering conundrums, or event horror stories!?  We'd love to hear about them, because we have them too! Share them with us and let us know how you handled it!

Predicament: You've completed a set up for an event, or candy/desert display and looks great! Everyone is in love with your creation. Someone loves it so much, that they decide to take one of your decor props that's not a party favor! What would you do? 
Solution- This actually happened to me! I kindly explained that it's a prop and not a part of the giveaway. I gave her another option by staring her in the direction of the party favors. Can you believe she told me that other people taking the props too! LOL!

My 2 Cents- Everyone loves free stuff, but some folks will try to take advantage of you. So if it's worth it, you sometimes have to be assertive, not aggressive, just assertive.  If it's something you can easily replace, don't worry about it let it go.

Want to share your experiences for 2 cents Tuesday? Email me at www.theflairfactor@gmail.com with your experiences. Please include the predicament, solution, lessons learned(if any) and your 2 Cents! Can't wait to hear from you!