Thursday, September 9, 2010

One centerpiece, Two purposes

Purpose #1
Baby shower centerpiece

Do you like taking home the centerpiece from events? Why? What are you going to do with it when you get home? I get it.. some folks like to display it at home if it's a nice one, right? Then you throw it out when the flowers die. That's all good. How about a double duty centerpiece, allowing you to throw out the flowers and repurpose the container? Here's some sweet black raspberry inspiration from the centerpiece I created.
Purpose #2
Reuse the flowers before they all die!

"Berry" Cute, Intimate Set up

Ok why are these raspberry yogurt covered pretzels so perfectly match the galvanized tub!

Fresh berries

I love embellishing my drinks! These are black raspberry gummies I used as swizzle sticks!

It was perfect for my little raspberry table

And of course the beverage of choice is black raspberry Izze.


Sandi said...

cute!! i love the blackberry swizzle sticks too!

jackie fo said...

This is fabulous! I love taking home the centerpiece but it's always sad when the flowers die! It's a great idea to have a reusable container.

tamy@prettie parties said...

The blackberry gummies are such a great idea. Cant wait to try the blackberry Izze flavor either...I havent seen it in our neck of the woods yet..Lovely styling!