Monday, April 25, 2011

Candy Buffet: 21st Century Bride Event

The 21st Century Bride was an educational networking event for wedding industry professionals produced by Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich of Wedding Podcast Network and Vanessa Ploski & Brian Lawrence Local Traffic Builder.  Energy levels were kept high with many surprises throughout the day, snacks during intermissions, prizes, and the wealth of knowledge provided by the incredible panel of speakers. There were no dull moments at this event...definitely engaging!  I had the pleasure of designing a vibrant display of sweet treats incorporating the logo colors for the attendees to enjoy on their way home.  Take a look...

Rock Candy Topiary
If you weren't in attendance, check out The 21st Century Bride for information on how you can experience this event!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Foodie Friday: Chocolate Nests

Here's a little last minute treat perfect for your Easter gathering this weekend. Chocolate nests will add an extra Easter flair that's sure to please the palette of your guests.  I made them for a Birds + Bees= Baby shower last year, and they were definitely a hit!  These were made in a mini muffin pan. I placed a white chocolate covered cherry in the nest. I loved the contrast of the white chocolate against milk chocolate. You can use any small oval or round candy.  This time of year you'll find all sorts of candy eggs that will work well. Jelly beans or Jordan almonds will also do the trick.

Include them on a sweets & treats table or wrap them up in cello treat bags as a party favor. Either way your event will end on a sweet note!
DIY Instructions

Mixing bowl, chocolate melts, chow mein noodles, parchment paper,muffin pan
Melt chocolate
Mix melted chocolate and chow mein noodles in bowl
Line a muffin pan with parchment paper so the nests wouldn't stick
Mold the covered noodles into the muffin pan
Place in the fridge and let them set!
Wha -La.. Chocolate Nests! 

Have a great Weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 Cents Tuesday:

Do you have any design dilemma's, customer quandaries, catering conundrums, or event horror stories!?  We'd love to hear about them, because we have them too! Share them with us and let us know how you handled it!

Predicament: You've completed a set up for an event, or candy/desert display and looks great! Everyone is in love with your creation. Someone loves it so much, that they decide to take one of your decor props that's not a party favor! What would you do? 
Solution- This actually happened to me! I kindly explained that it's a prop and not a part of the giveaway. I gave her another option by staring her in the direction of the party favors. Can you believe she told me that other people taking the props too! LOL!

My 2 Cents- Everyone loves free stuff, but some folks will try to take advantage of you. So if it's worth it, you sometimes have to be assertive, not aggressive, just assertive.  If it's something you can easily replace, don't worry about it let it go.

Want to share your experiences for 2 cents Tuesday? Email me at with your experiences. Please include the predicament, solution, lessons learned(if any) and your 2 Cents! Can't wait to hear from you!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugalista Friday: Couture Pops

Just because you are a bit frugal doesn't mean you have to be less than Fab!  What better feeling is there than finding something on sale!  So if you happen to know of and great deal, please share..I will!  I recently shared a sweets display "A thing for bling".  If you have a thing for bling, you'll love you Couture Pops!  The Couture Lollipops are jeweled encrusted lollipop handles with many assorted flavors lollipop heads to choose from.  The Sugarfactory customized a Signature Series line for Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian,The Pussycat Dolls, Hello Kitty and more!  It's a fun gift or accessory to add to showers, parties or any event that can use a touch of bling and a little something sweet. 

Here's the Deal:  I saw them on GMA this morning and thought I should share. Hurry you only have until Sunday to get this deal!  They retail for $22 to $25 but for today through Sunday, "GMA" viewers can get them for $10 off. Promo Code: GMA2011.

If you happen to come across a great deal worth sharing, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at and I'd be glad to share it with my readers!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Tweet" Rice Krispies Treats

Ok so I thought I made pretty decent rice krispies treats, but mine doesn't compare to the team over at Aly & Ash.  I came across this incredibly cute Easter Rice Krispies display on Birds Party Blog and was immediately smitten. I had to share!
Check out the basket and flowers.. all made from rice krispies treats!
I'm really loving this topiary!
Head on over to Aly & Ash  for more info and the Rice Krispie Chicks recipe!

Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY: How to create Rock Candy Topiary Balls

Check out how I made the rock candy balls for the candyabra? It's simple! Here's what you'll need.

Gather your supplies....
Styrofoam ball, aluminum foil, confectioners sugar, meringue powder, frosting coloring, Popsicle stick

Just in case you get the urge to pull off a piece of candy from the ball and eat it, use sugar as the glue! For edible topiary ball, first cover the ball with foil. 
Mix sugar, meringue power, coloring, and water.
Mix to a thick paste like consistency, add sugar to thicken so it's not runny
Map out the surface by drawing a circle where ball will be placed, and work around the area
I elevated the ball by placing it on top of a cup, while placing the sugar mixture then rock candy on the ball 
Repeat until ball is fully covered.  For an even easier way to create this, simply whip out your glue gun and stick the rock candy onto the ball and Wha-La! 
There you have it, my Rock Candyabra! Do you have a candy creation you'd love to share? Send it over to , I would love to feature it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Candy Buffet: A Thing for Bling

I'm sure you notices the jars of sweets alongside the candyabra from the Rock Candyabra post the other day.  I used it as the centerpiece of a candy display I created for a The Wedding Party bridal showcase earlier this year.  So what will capture the attention of  newly engaged brides. Bling of course! "A thing from Bling" was designed to interpret the glitz of the rock on an engagement ring, and the sweet love it represents. I chose a color palette of hot pink, black & white damask, and sparking accents. Sweets were embellished with a touch of bling to reflect the theme. "Bling" Pops, Mini Cinnamon buns set atop a cake stand dripping with jewels, bite size Cupcakes topped with "rock" candy, Cake Pops tied with a sparkly set of wedding bands, Bride & Groom custom cookies by Batches, and the piece de resistance, a Rock Candyabra set the stage for a Glitzy sweets display perfectly fit for a Bride to be!

This photo taken by Eloquet Studios

Brides loved these "Bling Pops".. Strawberry flavor
More Bling hanging from the cookie jars!
Bride & Groom cookies by Batches displayed on a shiny silver platter... Love glitzy details!
More bling & glitzy details..
 Cake pops adorned with wedding bands
 Mini Cinabuns
Here's how I used the crystals from the candelabra..

The Rock Candyabra took center stage on the table and was certainly the most talked about piece of the night. The Bling pops came in a close second, which were totally gone before I got a full photo of the table.
The were too sweet to resist!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DIY: Rock Candyabra

You  are probably wondering what in the world is a candyabra?   It's my version of a candleabra made sweet! A friend of mine had a tarnished candelabra tucked away in her garage, not being used.  I volunteered to clean it up and make it shine again.  Rock candy always makes a pretty presentation, so I thought why not combine the two and breathe new life into this lack luster piece.  All it took was  time, TLC, and some imagination and wha-la... a Sweet new Candyabra was born!

A little elbow grease didn't hurt.. here's the before and after..  nice and shiny!
I removed the hanging crystals to make room for rock candy crystals!  Don't worry the crystals were put to good use.  Stay tuned, I'll  highlight them later.
The finished product outfitted with rock candy topiary balls and rock candy crystal!

I loved the way it turned out.. Pretty Sweet!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Foodie Friday: April Fools Breakfast

Is this how you begin your day?
photo via PBSparents
How about starting off your day with a hot breakfast? It is the most important meal of the day, but not if it begins like this! How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up? NOT.... April Fools! This hot homemade breakfast of  bacon,eggs, and toast, is not what it seems. These eggs are made of vanilla yogurt with a canned apricot cut in half, toast made from toasted pound cake slices, and bacon from sour candy strips. It's not quite the breakfast of champions huh? Try not to be fooled today! ;-D