Friday, January 29, 2010

One Dress 15 Styles

I totally love this concept! I wanted my bridesmaids to have dresses that complimented each of their figures and expressed their individual style. We had them custom made, allowing them to chose different styles for the top of the dress. To stay cohesive, the bottoms and color were all the same.
Two Birds Bridesmaid accomplished this exact concept with ONE dress! LOVE! Your girls can chose from 15 ways to wrap their dress to achieve their personal style, 18 colors, and 4 lengths! How can you go wrong? Everyone will be happy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I heart....

Amazing Deserts! Perfect for Valentines Day. Can you resist?
Heart Macarons..(I soooo want to order these)

purchasethem here
Strawberry Heart Mini Cheesecakes..

Get Recipe here
And one of my favs..Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Hearts.
I love a simple shortbread cookie.. they are delish!

Get recipe here

Baby's Breath takes my Breath

Check out these breath talking baby's breath! Two words.. LOVE IT!

photos fromJLDesigns

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photos turned Custom Art

Phunk Lab will turn your favorite wedding photo or just your favorite photo into a custom piece of art! Gather up your sentimental relationship mementos, love letters, cards, song lyrics, your vows, even text messages, you name it Punk Lab will transform it. The photo is layered over a personalized custom background that tells your story. I love this concept! Check it out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Femme Succulents

When you pair succulents and stilettos what do you get? A totally sexy femme arrangement. Who knew?! Check out these funky creations from Etsy shop giddyspinster: dreamy things
Here is the interesting blurb from the Shop Announcement:these shoes are used/ upcycled. The concept is about hard-working women, the increasingly artificial nature of American femininity, and the impossible images that women face in our society. It's a prickly, spiky, sticky situation...
In the description of each planter, she leaves you with these lines:
The - plant will need very bright light and just a little water from time to time. In return, it'll repay you with a stark reminder of how hard it is to...well, to be a woman.
Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. ~Faith Whittlesey

Wow.. Deep huh? Check them out..
Cacti in a repurposed clear stiletto heel

Tough Love- recycled red stiletto cacti planter

Dominatrix shoe repurposed into aloe planter

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretty Pinwheels

Pinwheel designs are becoming all the rage lately. These super cute pieces of nostalgia are popping up everywhere! There's just something about them that makes me smile. See for yourself....
Pinwheel Invitations... CUTE!

source HWTM

Adorable Cake Topper

Source Haute Apple Pie

Candy Buffet Decor

Source My,life-myloves
Pinwheels are not just for kids! This is an engagement shoot by Caroline Tran.

Source Caroline Tran

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hit or Miss: Peplum Dress

A Peplum is a small over-skirt or ruffle that attaches to the waistline of a dress. I remember when I was a little girl my aunt who's a seamstress loved her some peplum dresses. Now they are back in full swing this season! But..Ummm.. I'm not to sure how well this trend sits with me. But it's certainly popping up all over the place recently. It's even translated into bridal gowns. I think it's actually super cute on the models. For me, it's just one of those style that I would need to actually see it on before I approve or condemn it. But I think I may have to just pass on this one. Take a look. What do you think, is this a hit or miss?


Rihanna in a Monique L’hullier Peplem Dress

Image from Fashion Rules
Melissa Sweet

Elizabeth Fillmore

Images from Brides

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog LOVE makes my day!

photo from here
While on my daily blog binge, I came across Chris' from Celebrations at Home top 10 favorite blogs. To my pleasant surprise,guess who she included... Fête Fanatic! Yay! Thanks Chris for the blog love, I'm truly honored! So I'll spread the love by listing the blogs I indulge in each day. In no particular order....
1.Celebrations at Home- Chris' celebrations at home will make you forget that you are at a house party. Her creative designs will not break the bank either. I love her "milk bottle" idea.. I am waiting for an opportunity to use it *wink*!
2.P is for Party- Sure does put the P in Party. Find tons of pretty party inspiration on Cristi's blog. Also, get your "real party" fix here.
3.Tom Kat Studio- Goes beyond the average Stationary
4.Swanky Tables - Always comes through with great tabletop design, cocktail recipes and lots of great entertaining finds!
5.The Party Dress- Fabulous inspiration boards, and party ideas.
6.Sunday Suppers- I love food! You are sure to find delicious recipes on this blog. The photography makes me instantly hungry!
7.Get it Girl Style- shares her many vintage and modern stylish finds that include interiors and fashions. She also takes you through her refurbishing journey's which turns out to be truly fabulous!
8..Kara's Party ideas- Exactly what the title says.. find a plethora of party ideas on Kara's blog. And talk about detailed oriented designs, Kara's cupcakes are always designed to match each party!
9.Not Just a Mommy- Dawn has cute ideas for kids parties, but not just that. She features adult parties, creative favors, scrumptious cocktail recipe, and more on her blog!
10..Birthday Girl- Find lots of real party's, recipes, inspiration boards, and lots more to satisfy your party cravings.

If you don't happen to see your blog listed, doesn't mean I don't indulge. Trust me, I have lots of must read, binge worthy blogs that I visit daily. My list will go on and on if I were to list them all. Hopefully you'll make someone else's day by spreading the blog lOVE!
Thanks again Chris!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Milk Glass Gorgeousness!

I absolutely adore vintage Milk Glass pieces, especially the hobnail pattern. If you are trying to achieve a charming vintage style for your wedding, this is definitely the way to go. Feast your eyes on these beauties from Style Me Pretty

How cute would your little flowergirl be carrying a milk glass basket filled with petals!

image from here

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

S'mores Buffet Station

This interactive S'mores Station is sure to be a hit at your wedding or event! I came across this idea on Elly B Blog and totally love it! I had to share!

photos from jolynne photography &Assaf Friedman Photography
Love this packaging!

Twig and Thistle