Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 Cents Tuesday: Color Palette

Ok so where are your 2 cents when I need it? Folks always want to put in their 2 cents when they are not asked. Well, here's your opportunity....

Predicament: You have a color palette in mind for a party, right?   So now you want to give your client a choice, but they choose the colorway that you weren't so crazy about.  What do you do?  What's your 2 cents?? 
I don't have a solution and lesson learned for this one, because I didn't actually experience it full on. But if you have, please share  experience.. Solution and Lesson Learned if  any.
So here's...
My 2 Cents:
I would make a suggestion and say why I like one over the other. But ultimately it's the clients decision.

Which color palette do you like best for a little girl's Rockstart party? What's your 2 Cents!?

Want to share your experiences for 2 cents Tuesday? Email me at www.theflairfactor@gmail.com with your experiences. Please include the predicament, solution, lessons learned(if any) and your 2 Cents! Can't wait to hear from you!


Tish said...

OMG! Natasha! I am thinking of creating a rockstar party for my daughter's 3rd birthday celebration and my color choices are palette 1! I'm not sure where I found this color combo (maybe somewhere on the web). I went to Walmart this weekend and brought Halloween "Tutus" (Hot Pink, Purple, and Black) for only .50 cent each for the party girls (they were 90% off). So palette 1 - Final Answer!